Things must go


Prices are on some things, others, well–let’s make a deal. If it’s up here, it’s still for sale…there’s more I forgot…or am temporarily sentimental about…or is an electronics item (flatscreen TV, Japanese VCR, 2 monitors [music not computer], rice cooker–not fuzzy) whose data I haven’t looked up yet…that I will put up later…

First and foremost…my zippy little VW Rabbit. Here’s the specs from Edmunds here–it’s a super car, 66K miles. Babied by 1 owner–moi–and a major chunk of transmission replaced Spring 2014. I babied it so much I didn’t use the warranty-doh!


Furniture at the top of the following list, then kitchen stuff; and electronics at the bottom…

For all the rest, yard sale some time in August.


Crate and Barrel Coakley rug, about 1.5 years old, 4′ x 6′. Another image here. $60~

Used in house where shoes are not worn indoors. Little wear, but it does shed a bit, and cleans up nicely when vaccuumed.

HANDMADE CD SHELF—made expressly for CDs.

Handmade shelf unit made expressly for CDs. Dimensions are 8 ½” deep, 27″ wide, and 49″ tall. I’m not sure how many CDs exactly it holds, but it fits a hell of a lot on 8 shelves. (Shelves are adjustable, with pegs, and removeable.)


Doors were found in an old Montreal attic, then stripped, shellacked. Paint has a few minor nicks on it. Fittings are all minutely adjusted, and open/close/fasten nicely. Glass is in good (i.e. uncracked) shape. $80~


Very elegantly painted, in racing-car deep blue–looks like it was dipped in blue metallic chocolate. 28″ wide, 42″ high, 9.5″ deep. $30~


Kitchen stuff—all gone!!!

microwave, mobile kitchen cart ($40~), Sodastream (I know!)


Microwave is a Sharp Carousel, kitchen island has 4 lockable wheels, is less than a year old, from Bed Bath & Beyond; was put together by someone who knows how to put things together. Sodastream is Jet model w/bottle; image here.


mod-looking, hugely comfortable, microfiber, from Macys. Clean! Only aesthetic flaw is a bit of sun bleaching on the back where it sat uncovered against a window. Here’s an action shot…


Cushions are 24 ½” deep, back is 31” tall, length is 78” total. Fits a sleeping guest VERY comfortably. (Sorry, the womb chair/ottoman has a home already.)

STOOL—wood, bought at fancy mid-city import store

Perfect for sitting (29” tall, 13 ¾ across), standing on to get stuff, or putting stuff on while you cook. Very sturdy, has been repaired and wood footrests strengthened. $25~


SCANNER—Epson 2400 Photo Perfection

Not the fastest steed on the block, but a great workhorse scanner—with a bed bigger than most of the crappy puny ones you see today. $20~


Good for big/odd-sized books and print materials; lid opens WAY wide. PC/Mac compatible, up-to-date drivers exist for both.

DVD player

Pioneer DV-400V—Canadian! Looking for single-wire, all-digital connectivity to your HDTV? Plays: DVD-R/RW, +R/RW, CD-R/RW, SVCD and VCD, as well as WMA, MP3, JPEG files and DivX®. + anything via USB port. $25~



Stearns & Foster top of the line Scottswood (now: Springbrook) queen-sized “luxury firm” pillow top mattress, in pristine condition. Perfect for both jumping and sleeping! Cost more than some cars I have had, and it is AWESOME! with a 10-year warranty (i.e. good till 2020), bought @ Bloomingdales. Specs here. With box-spring and frame.


PORTABLE WASHER—my beloved Sears washing machine!

Super-reliable Kenmore, just tuned up to the tune of $100 by the Sears repair guy. Hooks up to sinks, sheds (see below). Now it’s hard to find and really expensive! $200~



Professional quality, says my mother, who would know. Rowenta.



like expensive stuff I never used or “shabby chic” stuff that’s old and many people have used.

–ironing board

–misc garbage cans (cute red mod-looking for officeàbig white plastic swinging hulk for kitchen)

–small toaster/convection oven. Once fancy, now a bit beat-up…

–fancy coffee brewing/straining cup

and don’t forget the books, the books. Some are on line @ Amazon (I know!) here. The embarrassing ones were all gifts!


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