city greens

Two images from the Good Food event under the Spring Street bridge this weekend.

A stunning array of carrot colors.

And here, a car as a vehicle for container gardening…

I tabled for a few hours, on behalf of Green Grounds then grabbed some HomeGirl tacos and beetled over to the site of a dig-in, in S LA, to catch the end and help put in a few plants, smooth some ground, and catch up with folks. A time-lapse shoot of the entire dig-in, from uprooting the lawn to laying the last succulent, should be on CNN’s Road to Rio program later in the month.



holy #*&$*#&$*# !

We’re in the Huffington Post! A long dishy piece on Green Grounds following on the Good Food festival in Santa Monica a couple weeks back. A nice quote from Ron [Finley] breaking down how we do what we do:

The idea is that LA Green Grounds helps people who want to set up a community edible garden but don’t know how: “We turn up with basic tools and a bunch of plants and teach people how to grow their own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs right in their own backyard.” So how does it work? “First, we establish whether or not the area is a viable plot for growing and if there is sufficient local support to make it happen. If it’s looking good, we work with the community to draw up a garden plan. Then, we plan a community ‘Dig In’ where friends and neighbors come together to create their garden. We teach them how to maintain it, even how to make compost. It’s all about instruction, demonstration and participation.”